Marty McKenna

Marty McKenna, Florida Citrus Grower

Graduated from the University of Florida in 1980 with a bachelor degree in agriculture majoring in fruit crops. Went to work for Plant Science Associates, a custom herbicide and temik company.

Hired in 1981 by Joe L. Davis Groves and Ranch to manage and harvest 2,500 acres of citrus & 1,200 acres of pasture. While working with the Davis’ started a fresh fruit shipping and packing house. Worked with Davis until 1995.

In 1995, started McKenna & Associates Citrus Inc., a citrus caretaking and consulting operation. Manage and own 1,100 acres of citrus located in South Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties as well as consult on 2,500 acres of citrus.

Have been actively involved in the citrus industry my whole career. Past president of Florida Citrus Production Managers Association, past president of Highlands Country Citrus Growers Association, past president of Florida Citrus Mutual, past member of Florida Citrus Research Advertising Council, past a member of the Citrus Research & Development Foundation.In 2002, along with my brother, Pat, started McKenna Brothers Inc, a citrus caretaking, harvesting and management business in Polk County and Lee County.

Current chairman of The Department of Citrus and current board member of Farm Credit Association of Florida.

Marty McKenna sees a bright future for Florida citrus.