Save the Florida Panther

Courtesy of The Tampa Tribune

Did you know a majestic lion lives in the forests of Florida? The mysterious Florida panther, a unique subspecies of the American cougar, resides almost exclusively in the southwestern region of Florida, just south of the Caloosahatchee River. It is the official icon of the state of Florida. Our hero Sun Lion is a Florida panther kitten.

Today, less than 200 Florida Panthers remain in the wild. In fact, the panther is one of the most endangered mammals on Earth. Human development and historical persecution has driven the once wide ranging cat to a relatively isolated strip of land in south Florida.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee: “Protection of the Florida panther protects hundreds of other species of plants and animals that share its range. Panther protection also means clean air, water, and open space for humans.”

Recent efforts by scientists and conservationists have given a new window of survival opportunity for the panther. However, public awareness and support of these efforts are critical for their continuation.

As growers and lifelong Florida residents we at LEGEND OF SUN LION are inspired by this gorgeous big cat and its fight for survival. The Florida panther is a symbol of beauty and resilience and a living reminder of the importance of having a sense of place. To that end, we want to use LEGEND OF SUN LION fresh local citrus and stories to promote awareness of this cause. We also pledge 10% of our company net profits to the Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s “Florida panther fund.”

The Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s Florida panther fund is a critical resource used by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s panther protection team. It directly funds scientific field research and recovery of injured and orphaned panthers.

Below you can learn more interesting facts about the Florida panther. You will also find a helpful checklist of real-time funding needs of the Florida panther fund. These needs for which our company donations will help. In addition, we encourage you to donate directly to the fund today. Please spread the word with friends and family that share in this vision.

Shine Facts

Florida Panthers are spotted at birth and typically have blue eyes. As the panther grows the spots fade and the coat becomes completely tan while the eyes typically become more of a yellow. The panther’s underbelly is a creamy white, with black tips on the tail and ears. Florida panthers lack the ability to roar, and instead make distinct sounds that include whistles, chirps, growls, hisses, and purrs.

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